Destination: Mars

I’m happy to be releasing a new album today, called Destination: Mars. It’s a 3-track single which is actually a piece of film music I wrote for the finale of a short film about a man who embarks on a one-way mission to Mars.

Funnily enough, the scene’s temp music was “An End Once and For All” from Mass Effect 3, so if you like that piece, chances are you’ll enjoy this album!

The single is currently available on Loudr, Bandcamp, and iTunes, with a pending release on AmazonMP3.





Through the Pane World Premiere

I’m happy to announce that the silent short film I recently scored, Through the Pane, is having its premiere in LA on July 30th at 1pm, at Laemmle NoHo 7! Tickets are $13 each and can be purchased via the Laemmle Theaters website. The screening will be attended by the director (and actress) Pauline Egan, actor Louis Ferreira, and myself.

The official soundtrack will also launch on the 30th and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

Film synopsis:

Two lonely souls meet by chance through their facing apartment windows. Then begins a playful conversation through hand written notes and a potential blossoming romance. But will they have the courage to face their fears and meet outside their windows?



Anonymous asked: Hi Sam, i was wondering if you could re-upload the "Lost in You" transcription? Thank you for such a beautiful song.

I wish I could! The terms I agreed upon with EA were that I could offer the sheet music for one year only. I’m sure with some digging around, you might be able to find it though.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Startup Sounds

Hey everyone!

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, the Ubuntu startup sound I’ve created, entitled “It’s a Newbuntu,” is done. There’s also a replacement for the triple drumbeat sound on the login screen. The bad news is, these sounds didn’t make it into the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS official release. The design team may incorporate them into a future patch and perhaps enable them by default. I’ll leave that up to them.

However, if you’d like to install the new sounds now, I’ve got a handy ZIP file that will allow you to do just that:

Unzip, check the README file for instructions, and enjoy!

Extra Life Charity

Hey guys!

Fall season is upon us once again, and that means it’s time for me to participate in the Extra Life charity event! My goal this year is a humble $500, so I’m hoping you’ll help spread the word and pledge on my fundraiser page!

There’s a bonus: those who pledge at least $15 and enter either their Twitter username or email address in the donation message (goes privately to me) will be entered into a raffle, and two random people will receive a rare autographed copy of the Baldur’s Gate I & II Enhanced Edition soundtrack! This 22-track album runs about 30 minutes long, and is not available anywhere else (and may never be!). Winners will be announced on November 15th when Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is released.

In addition, technology allowing, I’ll be using Ustream to stream my video gaming marathon session on November 2nd.

Pledge, and let’s help some kids out! Thank you!




Helping Those in Need

As most of us know, on April 15th 2013, innocent people were seriously injured and killed when two bombs went off at the Boston marathon. Some of those who survived this senseless attack were hospitalized and are facing staggering medical costs.

Now through April 30th 11:59PM CDT, all proceeds from items purchased on my Bandcamp site will be donated to The One Fund. As Bandcamp allows people to pay for more than the asking price, please feel free to do so!

In addition, all proceeds from the Conclave album sold on 10x10 Room’s Bandcamp page will be donated to The One Fund as well.

Please spread the word, and donate!

Lost in You, Piano Sheet Music

Hey guys,

I’m thrilled to announce that, with generous permission from Shauna Perry at BioWare and Steve Schnur at EA, I’m releasing piano sheet music for “Lost in You” from ME3 Citadel!

I’ve gotten a ton of requests for sheet music. The fact of the matter is, it usually never exists unless a piece of music is going to be recorded with a live orchestra. Since most of the music I’ve done is recorded digitally, it never sees paper. “Lost in You” wasn’t recorded live, but I decided that in my spare time I was going to notate this, especially since it’s so short and simple. I think its simplicity makes it easy to handle for those beginning piano, and for anyone wanting some extra guidance on pedal and fingerings, I’m including a beginners’ version of the sheet music as well.

You can download the sheet music (and a link to a performance of it) from my fileshare.

While I’d love to honor requests to create more sheet music, unfortunately I don’t have the time. Hopefully in the future I can release more from other projects though, time allowing.


Email Newsletter

So I’ve got myself a fancy mailing list now, which I’ll be using very infrequently. Here’s what the mailing list covers:

  • Announcements of new projects I’m working on.
  • New album releases.
  • Freebie announcements.

It’s got zero fluff (unlike my Twitter account—ha!), and is very low-volume, so if you’re looking for just the very basics, feel free to subscribe. Plus, unlike social networks, you won’t miss a thing.

And how about a bonus for signing up? New subscribers through March 8th will get a couple free music tracks. I can’t say what it is right now, but it’s something new and still in the works.


Hey guys, I’ve got a screencast recorded and ready to launch early next week! I’ve had quite a few requests to do this, but nothing extremely specific so this video will be fairly short (just over 10 minutes) and goes over some of my sample libs and a few general things. If you have very specific requests, please wait till the YouTube video is up and comment there. My spare time comes in short spurts, so future videos may take time to produce, especially depending on the content.


Safeguarding Your Work

I’d like to touch on a topic that people don’t often think about until it’s unfortunately too late: backups. There are three different ways of backing up data that, when used concurrently, will have you completely covered.

Local, Versioned Backups

For the Mac crowd, this usually means Time Machine. I’m not a Windows user so I’m not entirely sure, but I hear it has its own built-in backup service, and “shadow copies” are what you want in order to preserve several versions of a file. What you’re after is a way to easily recover a single file or small set of files should you delete them, or make an irrevocable change. Using Time Machine or a similar backup system, you can easily locate a previous version from any date, and restore it instantly.

Off-Site Backups

No one likes to think about catastrophes, but what if your computer blew up? Or what if someone broke into your place and stole it? Obviously Time Machine won’t help you here, so I strongly recommend having an off-site backup service. CrashPlan, Carbonite, and Mozy are just a few examples. This would basically be a redundant copy of whatever you’re backing up via Time Machine or your local versioned backups, in case that blows up too. Yes, unfortunately it can take a very long time (potentially 2-3 weeks, even a few months!) to back up your data, especially if you’ve got half several terabytes or more, but I cannot emphasize enough how crucial off-site backups are. CrashPlan offers a seeding option where they will send you a hard drive to back up to, then mail it back to them (there’s a service fee for that).

Cloned Boot Drive

This is an important one too, as it’s a huge productivity saver, because no one who is under a tight deadline wants to hassle reinstalling their OS from scratch should their boot drive die. Mac users will want to check out Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner, while Windows users should look for Norton Ghost or Shadow Copy Cloner, though better options might be available, so ask around. Simply clone your main boot drive, put that clone somewhere safe. If disaster should rear its ugly head and your system drive goes kaput, all you do is plug in the clone and boot it, and you have your entire system drive up and running, ready to help you get back to work right away with zero downtime.

My Personal Setup

I have a 240GB SSD drive as my boot drive which contains the OS, applications, and other system “stuff.” All my documents and projects reside on a separate 1TB traditional HD. Once in a while I plug in an external Firewire 800 HD and clone the SSD drive as my boot clone, using Carbon Copy Cloner. Time Machine is also set up, backing up both the SSD and the 1TB data drive to a “green” (low power consumption) internal 1TB HD. This allows me instant restores of files on both the boot drive and data drive should I mess something up. Lastly, I have CrashPlan+ which is backing up my entire 1TB data drive (which only has around 430GB in use at the moment). These three things ensure total peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity!

An Added Bonus

I’ve got one more thing in my arsenal: a Synology NAS (network-attached storage) server that I use as my archival system where I store old documents and software installer packages I may want to keep around, especially huge sample libraries I don’t want to redownload again! It’s currently got two 2TB hard drives in it, but the NAS is serving as a mirrored redundancy drive, meaning that whatever is on one of those drives is replicated on the other (though this is behind the scenes and files will only appear once to the user). If one of the hard drives happens to die, I still have all my data because it’s on the second one, although it’s critical to replace the dead drive ASAP.

I briefly mentioned this last night, but I wanted to give it more attention as it’s something I think is really important, and is a chance for people in the video game community to help kids and teenagers who are facing the demoralizing and traumatic effects of bullying.

"Beyond the Final Boss" is an effort spearheaded by three individuals in the community. Their mission:

Set up by Shahid Ahmad, Byron Atkinson-Jones and Mike Bithell, Beyond the Final Boss encourages people from the games industry who were bullied when they were young talk about how they’ve achieved success, respect, peace and more. Through these examples, we want to give youngsters who are being bullied hope that it can and does get better, sometimes much, much better.

There are so many kids out there who love video games and see those who work in the industry as role models. What more powerful message is there than for people who now have successful and happy lives to relate their stories of overcoming hard times growing up, to show that things can and will improve, and to never let anyone distract you from your interests and passions.

You can “like” the Facebook page and find out more details there, as well as how to share your story and experience so that it might inspire those who are in desperate need of an encouraging and positive voice. Your words may even save someone’s life. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

A bit of a change of pace for today’s post! As a few of you might know, my wife Sara creates custom hand-crafted jewelry. I’ve watched her from the beginning as she started learning the art of bending metal to her will and coaxing cords into contorted configurations. She’s a perfectionist like me, so I get it when she gripes about something slightly off in one of her pieces and she sets out to redo it so it’s how she envisioned it. As a result of this, along with her tireless study and practice, her craftwork is impeccable and many have become fast fans of her creations.

But I’m not writing this just to rave about my wife’s talents and announce her new online store. :) I’m posting to get the word out, of course, but also to let you know she’s taking part in American Express’s Small Business Saturday on November 24th. If you register your AMEX card and use it to pay on her site, you’ll get a $25 credit back from AMEX. On top of that, if you share her inaugural post on Facebook or comment on it to give her feedback on the site, she’ll give you a 15%-off coupon code. That effectively makes some of the higher priced items 50% off!

Anyway, I apologize for the off-topic and slightly spammy post, but I think Sara’s work is amazing and she deserves tons of business! Oh, and for those who prefer Twitter, she keeps up on that too.

Hey guys, on October 25th and 26th, I’ll be participating in the Extra Life fundraiser and gaming marathon! Each day I’ll be gaming from around 9AM to 9PM CDT, and will be livestreaming as much as possible via my Stickam account. There’s also a raffle where four winners will receive autographed copies of the Red Orchestra 2 soundtrack.

See my fundraising page for more details and please pledge!

Thanks, everyone!

I realize I’ve barely listened to any music lately other than what I’ve been working on. I’m officially taking new music suggestions! I’m picky, and most of the “mainstream” stuff bores me to death. I need interesting music, stuff with a good melody. A few bands/artists I’m into (old and new) with links to examples if you’re not familiar with them:

I’m open to ideas! Hit me up on Twitter.